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                Service Phone:0760-23378338/13924981665

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                NEW PRODUCTS 如有盗图,我司将保留♀追究法律责任的权利。

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                ABOUT US

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                Zhongshan Jianwei Hardware Electric Co., Ltd

                    It Was established in 2001, is a private-owned enterprises, located in the Zhongshan city,Wuguishan Town ,LongShi Industrial Zone that is beautiful at the foot of the mountain. Production of product types related to air-conditioning shell and household appliances category of metal products, processing sheet metal stamping parts, CNC, spray-based. The company for five consecutive years by the Zhongshan City Trade and Industry Bureau awarded the "contract and trustworthy enterprise" and access to the Zhongshan municipal government issued the "advanced collective", "outstanding private enterprises", "equipment manufacturing industry key production enterprises" honorary title.

                    To meet market competition and ensure product quality, the company put into the modern production equipment and testing equipment, including flat sheet, cutting, stamping, welding, bending, spray and other train equipment more than 500 sets, of which 12-400T Of the punching machine more than 300 sets, 3150KN four-column hydraulic press more than 20 PCS,Into the Swiss-made "Golden Horse brand" automatic spray line 3, the Japanese-yi-cathode electrophoresis line and so on. Monthly stamping parts production capacity of up to 4 million pieces, spraying area can reach more than 1,000,000 square meters.

                EQUIPMENT 如有盗图,我司将保留追究法律责ㄨ任的权利。

                Equipment Exhibition
                • Bystronic Automation Bending
                • Bystronic Laser cutting
                • KUKA  production line
                • Amada and Yawei CNC
                • AMADA数控冲床
                • CNC workshop
                • AMADA CNC bending machine
                • CNC shears

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